ECCOVISION® Pharyngometer & Rhinometer

As part of our sleep apnea treatment at Highland Meadows Dental Health Center, Dr. Michael Ruff and our team use the ECCOVISION® Pharyngometer and Rhinometer in Windsor, Colorado, to help measure your airway for obstructive sleep apnea.

What is the ECCOVISION Pharyngometer?

The ECCOVISION Pharyngometer uses acoustics to measure the relationship between different parts of the airway, as well as the distance (in centimeters) of the airway itself. The test takes as little as five minutes to complete and is a simple way to evaluate the cross-sectional area of the throat and airway.

What is the ECCOVISION Rhinometer?

This hand-held device uses sonar technology to create sound waves, which analyze and map the nasal passage of the airway. This information can then be used to measure the structure of the nasal cavity and test for obstructions in the airway. The test itself is simple and takes roughly 30 seconds to complete.

Both the pharyngometer and phinometer are portable, nonintrusive devices, making testing a breeze and providing real-time, accurate data.

Have questions about this technology? We invite you to learn more by calling our dental office at 970-226-4098 and scheduling an appointment with our dentist at Highland Meadows Dental Health Center. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you with your sleep apnea treatments.