Laser Gum Disease Treatment Windsor, CO

Target Gum Disease with Gentle Laser Treatment

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Avoid Cutting and Sutures with Laser Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal (gum) disease is more common than many people imagine—it affects over half of all American adults. Traditional gum disease treatment, osseous surgery, is an invasive procedure that involves cutting, sutures and a lengthy recovery period. However, Dr. Michael Ruff offers minimally invasive, quick healing laser surgery using the BIOLASE® WaterLase® iPlus® dental laser as an alternative to traditional osseous surgery.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment Windsor, CO
BIOLASE® WaterLase®

Advantages to Laser Periodontal Care

Minimally Invasive

With laser treatment, there is no cutting of the gums to remove infected tissue. The infection is removed with minimal discomfort and healing time.

Virtually Pain-free

Laser periodontal treatment involves no cutting, no sutures and minimal bleeding. Sedation is often unnecessary too.

Faster Recovery

Patients typically see results that very day and can be back to normal functions quickly.

Improved Patient Comfort

The process for laser treatment is quicker than traditional osseous surgery and typically requires no anesthesia.

Treat a Larger Area

Since laser treatment does not involve gum grafts or sutures, more areas of the mouth are able to be treated in a single session.

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