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Dental Implants Keep Your Smile Healthy

Having a missing tooth is more common than you may think. More than 178 million Americans are missing at least one of their teeth while over 35 million no longer have any teeth. In most cases, dental implants are the best alternative to natural teeth. They not only look like real teeth, but function like them too—including stimulating the jaw bone to avoid bone loss and deterioration. If you have already taken the steps to obtain dental implants, then you know the importance of finding a clinician to make your custom crown look and function naturally. As your general dentist, Dr. Michael Ruff has the experience necessary to restore your dental implants in-house to match your smile.

Convenient, Same-Day Implant Restorations

After placement, your new dental implant will need a dental crown to complete your seamless smile and restore natural function. This is where Dr. Ruff’s implant restoration experience and advanced technology comes in. Through the use of our E4D Technologies System, we can create a crown for your implant the very day you come in for your appointment. With the E4D’s laser scanning technology, your new crown will be a nearly perfect match to your surrounding, natural teeth. Dr. Ruff will be able to place this crown just after creation so you leave the office with a complete, beautiful smile.

Dental Implants Windsor, CO
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15 million people in the U.S. have crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth


3 million have implants and that number is growing by 500,000 a year


10 percent of all US dentists place implants but that is increasing

Make Your Smile Whole Again

Dental Implants Windsor, CO

Having a complete and high-quality dental implant is just as important to your oral health as it is to your smile. Dr. Ruff is experienced at restoring dental implants and as your general dentist, he knows your oral history, saving you time. By restoring your dental implant you will experience:

  • More permanent solution to tooth loss
  • Prevention of jaw bone loss
  • Ability to eat the foods you want
  • Natural appearance
  • Stable, strong bite
  • Renewed self-confidence

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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